The Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve is a protected area in Peru located southwest of Iquitos in the Loreto Region, Maynas Province. The Nanay River flows through the northern part of the reserve.

Monkey Island is a family run rescue center for New World Monkeys, located in the Peruvian Amazon 30km from Iquitos. We rescue, rehabilitate and release monkeys that are victims of the pet trade and have been doing so since 1997.

Quistococha Local Zoo of Iquitos where you can see various species of Amazonian wildlife such as peccaries, jaguars ,capybaras, pumas and tapirs. It is located in Km 5.5 on the road to Nauta.

The Tapiche (tah-PEE-cheh) Reserve is a private Amazon rainforest conservation property based out of Iquitos, Peru. We believe jungle animals belong in their natural habitat in the wild, not domesticated or manipulated for human entertainment or mass consumption. We’re dedicated to preserving primary forest and helping humans live in harmony with nature.